Class Notes

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Our Final: writing an essay about a summary of what we’ve done this semester: What do journalists do, and why?

**Print out hard copy of Ride Along for next tuesday!


First Piece: Essential Oils – Casey

  • headline shouldn’t be too academic – “sexier”
  • quotes; descriptive language
  • If writing about Iowa, do not need to say (city), Iowa
  • 8-year, three-month
  • Don’t repeat yourself
  • all quotes need to be on new lines (new paragraph)
  • “receive” is a bland word
  • new thought = new line
  • quotes: reader should know who is talking right away
  • end on good strong quotes

Second: Speech Tournament – Bri

  • video should enhance narrative – take a sentence or 2 from the videos to use for direct quotes
  • reader shouldn’t have to do the work for you
  • attribution for quotes is important
  • more formal story – no anticipation; less descriptive
  • still good though
  • Disclaimer and Update good
  • Wanted to know more about his life

Third: Trevor – Surf Ballroom

  • North Central is capitalized
  • put it in the present
  • lead into quotes
  • job titles are lower cased
  • patient and thorough
  • # of people who have been there?
  • do a voiceover on the video

Fourth: Annette – Humane Society

  • Don’t include local in the beginning
  • don’t use word receive
  • don’t overuse “offered”

Fifth: Sydney – Where does your milk come from?

  • questions in headlines are rarely used, but it works in this case
  • run-on sentences
  • info is meaningful
  • should have talked to Mikayla’s parents/family
  • painted her in a good light



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