Class Notes

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Interviewing classmates about their Labor of Love; 5-min interview

Using the new live feed video tool on Facebook; didn’t work for me because of WiFi problems

Ask about challenges, what you learned, etc.


Read article about girl who filmed a rape

  • didn’t call 911,
  • took an unsolicited picture of her, girl was being raped and simply filmed it, she didn’t even help.
  • She shouldn’t have filmed it, there’s no way that she was simply “gathering information.”
  • Unethical; abuse of live stream – need to be responsible/respectful.
  • How could she just sit there and laugh and giggle – horrible

People have killed themselves on live tv – pushing the boundaries; now people have easy access to filming, etc.

**Will be presenting our labor of love this week and next



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