Class Notes

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Watching “Above The Fold” Documentary

1856 – When it began

Enabled them to do whatever they wanted for the documentary; if they wanted pictures I gave them to them

Came to her house, got plenty of b-roll; interesting for her to see the choices they made

“It was a learning experience for sure.”

She thinks they did a great job with telling about the flood.

They followed her for 3 months; the voice overs were taken from multiple people both in the community and her fellow coworkers

One question missing: Always ask what some of the challenges are

  • Sometimes the most admired, sometimes the most hated
  • “I don’t mind being either, but the way I measure myself is not where people place me on that spectrum. I don’t want to be loved or hated. But what I do want to be is respected.”
  • They took out the clip of talking about how she and Rick met – they met through Journalism in grad school (he interviewed her family for his own portfolio, not for a story) She wishes they’d included a little of their story/how they met cuz it had a big impact on her journalistic life as well as her home life

**FIND SOMETHING YOU FIND FULFILLING  – ask yourself what the purpose of your life is; think about how you can do what you want with your life (align personal beliefs and yearning for making something of your life with your professional line of work)

People volunteered to show their pieces…

Kayla’s dirt bikes one and one about a friend with cancer


No class on Thursday – go back and make it publishable


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