Rape Victim Article Decontextualization

First paragraph is the lede.

  • Sets the scene
  • Writer taking you to a specific moment
  • Jackie is not a drinker, but wants to seem cool, especially to her date at her first party
  • Know it’s in UVA, trying to fit in, but doesn’t want to go away from her own values
  • Somewhat insecure/innocent/inexperienced
  • Environment plays a large role (pours drink on the floor) sets the tone
  • Sober

Second paragraph is a quote

  • Drew is clearly not asking her to study; wants to hookup
  • Easy to trust him
  • Giddy with discovery: mindset is that she’s discovering things about the party
  • Takes her upstairs

Third paragraph is a contextual paragraph

  • lens comes back
  • discusses background on Jackie
  • gets good grades, from a rural town, intimidated,
  • Many questions asked/answered
  • laundry list approach works well stylistically

Paragraph four

  • talked about how long she got ready
  • red, sophisticated dress
  • builds anticipation
  • talks about the first part of the rape

Paragraph five talks about what happened

  • describes the attack
  • physical nature of everything
  • at the end, a little bit of her reaction
  • simple language
  • short quotes
  • dark nature of the moment

Paragraph six – fourth direct quote

  • she knew she was going to be raped

Paragraph 7

  • what she remembers

Paragraph 8

  • recognized the last guy; raped her with a beer bottle
  • explains how she mentally fell into a stupor
  • humans disassociate themselves with what is happening and simply cling on to life

The magazine retracted this story; Columbia university said: “Journalistic failure”

Paragraph 9

  • Jackie coming to, runs out & calls friends
  • one friend, “Randall” suggests taking her to the hospital

Paragraph 10

  • friends convince her not to go to the hospital
  • “Randall” & “Andy” planning to rush fraternities so they don’t think it’s a good idea to say anything
  • “girl who cried rape”
  • won’t ever get into another frat party again
  • epitome of the problem-people stay silent, so nothing gets reported

Paragraph 11

  • fast forward to 2 years later
  • Randall in frat, declined an interview
  • worried about the backlash of this article
  • friends see Jackie’s reporting of this story to be like a betrayal
  • many people have told her not to tell this story

Paragraph 12

  • roommate asked her if she wanted to be responsible for putting UVA in a bad light
  • Jackie said UVA flown under radar for too long
  • friend told her to remember where loyalty is
  • friend is not being very supportive

Paragraph 13

  • discussion of colleges in general in regards to reporting rape, etc.
  • UVA is not an “edgy or progressive” campus
  • Rapes are kept quiet at UVA
  • administrators are less concerned with protecting students than it is with protecting its own reputation from scandal
  • “UVrApe.” nickname

Paragraph 14

  • Liz Seccuro: UVA grad; says UVA thinks they are above the law
  • national conversation about sexual assault, but nothing at UVA is changing.

Paragraph 15

  • S. Daniel Carter – UVA’s situation is more of a norm across campuses
  • statistics about rape on college campuses
  • Obama initiated Title IX investigations of 86 schools
  • if found in violation, each school runs the risk of financial penalties, including the nuclear option (which has never been deployed) of having its federal funding revoked

Paragraph 16

  • UVA is one of the 86 schools being investigated
  • UVA is one of only 12 schools under a sweeping investigation known as “compliance review”

Paragraph 17

  • under investigation
  • UVA and other elite schools tend not to respond well to criticism and sanctify tradition above all else

Paragraph 18

  • UVA is prestigious; wealthy parents are the norm
  • UVA rated #1 party school in 2012
  • Students are “Studious by day, wild by night”
  • “Wahoo” is a fish that can drink up to twice its own body weight – is a nickname for students

Paragraph 19

  • Students are enthralled to be at UVA
  • UVA’s honor code discussed
  • Students have been expelled for cheating on tests but not for sexual assault

Paragraph 20

  • Susan Russell wonders why a student would get expelled for cheating but not for sexual assault (quote)

Paragraph 21

  • Wendy Murphy (attorney) says that schools like UVA have too much prestige, which is their downfall
  • Usually the one who gets the most protection from consequences is “a wealthy kid, a legacy kid, or an athlete”
  • UVA was where George Hugely V (lacrosse player) beat his girlfriend to death

Paragraph 22

  • UVA president denies that they sweep issues under the rug
  • Says that if they’re trying to hide it they’re not doing a very good job of it
  • Under watch of the government UVA has made changes like designating authority figures on the campus to report sexual assault, and creating a bystander-intervention campaign
  • UVA’s deans are praised by students

Paragraph 23

  • UVA canceled interview; PR team not concerned with this article

Paragraph 24

  • Goes back into the story (2 weeks after incident)
  • Jackie saw Drew again, he thanked her for the other night, saying he had a good time
  • Jackie struggled to even get out of bed for the past 2 weeks

Paragraph 25 – how it affected her life

  • Jackie quit lifeguarding job
  • Didn’t get out of bed much
  • Still blamed herself somewhat for what happened
  • Flashbacks & panic

Paragraph 26

  • Parents had warned her before school to avoid the social scene
  • Jackie never felt good enough; was using college as an escape

Paragraph 27

  • Friends unconcerned about what had happened

Paragraph 28

  • Often friends not concerned with what happens
  • Some people encounter more hostility than others
  • People often put some blame on the victim

Paragraph 29

  • Effects of reporting rape – social suicide
  • Quotes from Sara Surface and Emily Renda

Paragraph 30

  • Jackie deeply affected by what had happened; slept through a half semester of classes
  • Called her mom to come get her

Paragraph 31

  • Another informative paragraph
  • Discusses that Freshman year (first two weeks) are the most vulnerable

Paragraph 32

  • Reporter walking down the street with one of the girls
  • People don’t know which frat is which/what they’re known for – gets them into trouble

Paragraph 33

  • Quote

Paragraph 34

  • Bars off limits to underage people, frats = alternative
  • Types of people that go/get into these kinda of parties
  • Freshman girls = innocent and vulnerable

Paragraph 35

  • Details how girls act at frat parties (drinking, act as grateful guests, etc.)
  • Statistic of 9/10 rapes are committed by serial offenders (studied 1800 men) – average about 6 rapes for each of them
  • most incidents are deliberate crimes by serial sex offenders.

Paragraph 36

  • Same study revealed that these men target freshman girls
  • Easy way to do this: make a punch that tastes really fruity but packs a punch
  • Serial rapists’ behavior looks normal in the college setting
  • Cultural message: objectifying and degrading women

Paragraph 37

  • Rugby Road fight song lyrics
  • Over 35 verses
  • UVA demonstrates misogyny

Paragraph 38

  • Rugby Road banished from football games

Paragraph 39

  • Goes back to the end of Jackie’s freshman year
  • Jackie going to talk to the Dean
  • Was on medications but nothing was helping

Paragraph 40

  • Dean Eramo not visibly surprised by what Jackie tells her
  • Beloved by students as a friend and confidant
  • Technically sexual assault reports are not kept confidential; gets reviewed by UVA’s Title IX officer, is put into the crime stats, and Eramo might even reveal details of conversation with the student to other administrators

Paragraph 41

  • Dean tells Jackie her options
  • Entirely up to Jackie what she does

Paragraph 42

  • UVA emphasizes that in these kinds of incidents, it is left to the victim’s choice what to do
  • Lack of guidance could be harmful to students like Jackie, though
  • Victim often does nothing because they are unsure of the best option

Paragraph 43

  • Laura Dunn (SurvJustice) says that schools assign people to victims who are supposed to help but end up discouraging the students from saying anything

Paragraph 44

  • Jackie wondered what other people in her situation or ones similar have done
  • Found little on the website
  • Crime Logs show very few, if any, sexual assault cases, because rarely students report an assault to the police
  • People don’t see sexual assault cases then, because they are not on the website

Paragraph 45

  • Statistics from UVA regarding number of reports
  • UVA’s board hearings are kept secret; don’t want to reveal a bad image for the school

Paragraph 46

  • Jackie felt better after her meeting with the Dean
  • Her case went unreported, as she didn’t report anything

Paragraph 47

  • Information about UVA’s sexual assault/violence history
  • Trail leads back to same fraternity
  • Details of Liz Seccuro’s case – had been gang raped unbeknownst to her until she filed a report with the police

Paragraph 48

  • Took 2 decades for Seccuro to get justice
  • Went to UVA administration to report it right away; nothing was done, as she was incorrectly informed that the Charlottesville police had no jurisdiction over frat houses

Paragraph 49

  • Typical response of UVA in these cases
  • Gives examples from other UVA alumni

Paragraph 50

  • Former UVA Dean discusses what he saw at UVA
  • Did not report an incident because of potential lawsuits

Paragraph 51

  • UVA has few stories that have come out
  • Gave another example of an assault that did not get reported the way the victim had hoped for

Paragraph 52

  • Anonymous report of a sexual assault (“Stacy”)
  • Man had assaulted multiple other women
  • Counselor and Dean told victim the trial would be too difficult for her

Paragraph 53

  • Stacy presented the other cases similar to hers
  • Man should have been expelled – was only suspended for 1 year

Paragraph 54

  • Stacy felt misled by the deans
  • UVA’s expulsion rule goes for multiple complaints filed with the Sexual Misconduct Board and adducted guilty
  • The other 2 cases Stacy presented didn’t fit this

Paragraph 55-56

  • Conversation about when incidents occurred between Jackie and Emily Renda

Paragraph 57

  • Jackie and Emily talking about what happened to them; bonded
  • Emily introduced her to One Less – a secret society on campus

Paragraph 58

  • Discussed how the meetings worked
  • Stories told of what has happened to other victims
  • One Less approved of people remaining silent – went in hand with UVA’s approach

Paragraph 59

  • Alex Pinkleton discusses his views on UVA’s approach to these types of incidents
  • People want to protect the people who did that to Jackie

Paragraph 60

  • Jackie is peer advisor for One Less
  • People sought her out after hearing her story

Paragraph 61

  • Payback; Jackie and Emily were harassed outside the bars

Paragraph 62

  • Jackie wanted to talk to Eramo about what happened, and present a couple of cases that were gang-rape like hers was

Paragraph 63

  • Jackie tells the dean about the other 2 incidents

Paragraph 64

  • Eramo hardly reacted
  • Jackie worked hard with peer education but still felt helpless
  • Even saw Drew again, who acted very nonchalant

Paragraph 65

  • Interaction between Drew and Jackie
  • Jackie put on weight since the incident
  • Jackie not ready to file a complaint, so Drew would get away with it because he’s graduating

Paragraph 66

  • Jackie’s case, along with the other 2, should have convinced the university to do something about it

Paragraph 67

  • Trustees meeting
  • Discussed prevention strategies and self-congratulations to UVA for being a “model” for other schools
  • One person asked if UVA was under investigation for sexual assault

Paragraph 68

  • Person reassured that UVA’s investigation was simply a standard compliance review

Paragraph 69

  • Quote from Catherine Lhamon: “Nothing annoys me more than a school not taking seriously their review from the federal government about their civil rights obligations,” she says.

Paragraph 70

  • Phi Kappa Psi finally under investigation
  • Fraternity’s director was not informed that it was a rape

Paragraph 71

  • Jackie and Alex informed that the boys in the fraternity who assaulted her have all graduated, but Jackie had seen them on campus
  • No warning sent out

Paragraph 72

  • Jackie out on a Friday night; talks about how it’s depressing because another girl will likely be assaulted

Paragraph 73

  • Charlottesville police received their first sexual-assault report of the academic year
  • Explains what’s going on that week at UVA

Paragraph 74

  • Background info about a girl who was abducted and her abductor
  • Report was filed and the abductor, Jesse Matthew Jr., was found guilty
  • Not his first assault

Paragraph 75

  • Jackie looking toward the future
  • Remembers how she felt before going out that night she was raped
  • Hopes she can eventually file a report

Paragraph 76

  • Reoccurring nightmare of the night it happened
  • Blames herself for it during the day

Paragraph 77

  • Quote from Jackie: “Everything bad in my life now is built around that one bad decision that I made,” she says. “All because I went to that stupid party.”

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