Class Notes

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Murder/Suicide story

  • got a call from someone at the office that there were shots fired and possible dead bodies
  • saying no comment
  • updates on Facebook page – comments about incident
  • Calmar
  • Lights on highway and commotion
  • sheriff gave a statement saying that there was one dead body in a car but that’s all he said
  • went back to west union after getting as much info as he could
  • police cleared scene but had a statement
  • confirmed that a girl in her 20s was killed, murderer took off toward calmar & shot himself in his car
  • went back to sheriff’s office, updated story, waiting on headshot of shooter (trying to get from Upper Iowa)
  • short and simple headline that got info across
  • originally from California then went to Upper Iowa, she was originally from Illinois
  • have not interviewed friends or anything yet – TV source might have more effect with interviews, etc.
  • don’t know why yet
  • not sure when details will come out but will show up in the next weeks
  • family notified (waiting on it this morning but got the info now)
  • Names: on facebook; Anthony Hebert


Info about the people involved:

  • Marines
  • Born Sept. 1988
  • Sutton Roofing Co. in California
  • wrestler at Upper Iowa
  • Criminal justice major
  • From San Jacinto, California
  • Student Ambassador/Athlete at Upper Iowa (Fayette)
  • Dean’s List Fall 2013
  • middle name is Ray
  • 27 years old
  • Unsafe approach to certain stationary vehicles problems – was fined & arrested? not sure on that
  • PTS problems because of marines maybe

Morgan Kaye

  • Jimmy D’s, Cabo Blue, Anytime Fitness
  • West Union, IA – lived at Lindon Street apartments
  • Upper Iowa University
  • Biology
  • From Naperville, Illinois
  • Has a little girl; in preschool
  • Dance Marathon
  • works out
  • Santa Monica College & El Segundo High School
  • Moved to Fayette in 2014 & started school at Upper Iowa
  • Daughter is named Sophia
  • Was in jail for 1 year in Iowa for an OWI
  • Arrested for other DUIs
  • Honors & Awards at Upper Iowa University
  • Had a device on her car
  • 27 years old
  • Instagram is blocked
  • Speeding tickets
  • beach body trainer page thingy
  • moved to Iowa in 2011
  • found out she was pregnant shortly after



Discussing the rape story she emailed us

Difficult to report a rape story

Rolling stone has a lot of integrity

Reporter interviewed, checked facts, working with the victim, etc., to get this story together. Unfortunately the story had holes in it. “it was extremely difficult to report this”

Still wasn’t enough what she did

Looking back on it, it became a teaching guide for reporters/editors

Really need to consider all the aspects when it comes to reporting things like rape

One student started crying; confidentiality is important – anelia did a role play to demonstrate how this reporting works (used a fellow journalist)

Just because somebody cried, don’t make assumptions, some people are more sensitive than others.

“If you’re not there, you don’t exactly know what happened, you’re only counting on the story teller to bring you in there.”

For Thursday:

Read rape story from email, write a reflective piece based on the comments on the story. Not content analysis. Reflect on questions and comments.

Put in Homework tab

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