Class Notes

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

First, we talked about our homework – Bias in the media.

Homework: compare class notes to homework assignment I completed (if what Anelia saw is what we saw)


  • “You’re putting all these disadvantaged students on the wrong end of the camera.” It shows you there are no saints.” (Anelia)
  • The cameras give the reporters away (armed with cameras) – separates them from the participants
  • people on left – have a legitimate purpose to report; people on the right have a purpose for being there, but their witnessing is different
  • Photographers separated; then in diagonal line (3 approaches to photography – don’t always get the best documentation from close up)
  • Lot of ownership/high voltage feelings
  • 2 sides to the same right of free speech, but they’re finding themselves on opposite ends of the issue
  • No one has the right to tell the media where to be if it’s public besides the police; police draw a line
  • If you attack a media person, you’ll be charged with assault
  • You’re not there as a law enforcer; your role as a guardian is self-assigned (no legal standing whatsoever – don’t try it) *will get in trouble*
  • Both people here are citizens – that’s all there is
  • City Ordinance: tells you what the proper way to have a protest is (tells you where you can be) – can’t just put yourself wherever
  • They’re telling him he shouldn’t do his job
  • Asian reporter is going to go far – displayed moral character in face of crowd bullying 1:22
  • Camera is his hand/communication tool
  • In public space; no authority to tell him where to go
  • “you don’t have a right to take our photos” – narratives are typically from the waist down, because no one wants to deal with the hassle of misidentifying someone or
  • These people are forcing themselves into the spotlight, and are arguing with the photographer
  • Don’t kid yourself that you have any privacy in a public place – photographers have as much right to take the pictures as the people have to say “don’t take my pictures”
  • Don’t assume the media need your permission – you made yourself a part of the story  if you’re in a public place and it’s being documented – you lose every sense of privacy
  • Anybody looking for a job and that interview was brought to the table, we’d have second thoughts about giving them the job
  • Teacher yelling at media got fired last week
  • *Big irony is that they were protesting race injustice – the way they did it was by acting unjustly to the media*
  • “To me, the ignorance and violence that was displayed against the media is reprehensible”
  • If the media guy was a police officer, would you even dream of telling him/her what to do?
  • “You cannot be this close to them” — equal rights!
  • These people think that they will shame him into not doing his job – you’re here to protest the cause, i’m here to document it
  • Behaves very professionally
  • “You cannot yell at her” – they’re yelling at him
  • “How bout humanity and respect” – they’re not respecting him, yet he’s supposed to “respect them”
  • Possibly trying to protect the oppressed by oppressing others. ?
  • “I’m documenting this for posterity”
  • woman pushed him
  • No one is yelling at the guy who’s filming
  • People are trying to be citizen journalists and whipping out their phones to film him
  • Guy trying to pull him down when he’s jumping for a picture
  • If the journalist was not there, no one would know that the students were ‘being disrespected’ “I’m trying to document it for history”
  • “If a tree falls and no journalist was there to document it, then you won’t know”
  • “They need to be alone” (they’re not alone in a public place & shouldn’t expect that they are)
  • Not sure why they’re cornering him
  • “They’ll change the story” – media
  • When you’re seeking rights, don’t rob other people of their rights
  • She’s hitting him/shoving him – charged her with assault (was the professor of Communication at U of Missouri Columbia- should know that she can’t do that)
  • Woman is putting her hand in front of his camera and mock him & that’s very disrespectful
  • People are like, “you can go” like he needs their permission
  • “You’re not getting anything out of being here” – he’s actually exposing their ignorance
  • Nothing is resolved on the street – ever.


  • stand-off with officer; group interrupted a parade to talk about racism, police intervened
  • Not sure why no one was arrested?

Interesting because she wanted media there, so they were looking for ways to grab media attention & direct it to the protest because it had been going on for a while and it’s hard to cover a crisis because people quit paying attention if it goes on too long

Events like these are highly charged – having a lot of issues trusting people

Complicated to look at this as a media product rather than living the reality/actually being there.

When you protest you’re trying to call attention to something, so they are wanting coverage, then they turn around and act like they don’t want to be seen; as soon as it isn’t favoring what they want, then they turn it away

When people were getting hostile they realized that it was being recorded and they didn’t want that image maybe?

Personal decision that media has – guy stood his ground with dignity, could’ve left but didn’t because he wanted the story. Tried to make a reasoned case. Reason doesn’t work in explosive crowd situations like this one. “People would do in a crowd what they would never dream of [doing alone].”

This is in this country, not Saudi Arabia where journalists get arrested because they disagree with people

College aged educated people, and they’re being very ignorant

**very charged area/atmosphere, due to the struggles they’ve had lately (their chancellor resigned, Ferguson was an issue, etc.)

No homework for Thursday.


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