Biases in Media


“Couple more steps, don’t worry about him.” (referring to the photographer); “You need to back up if you’re with the media.”

  • None of them are looking at him.
  • They’re putting up their hands, mocking him, laughing at him

“You don’t have a right to take our photo.”; “If you would like to take photos you need to move back.”

  • Talking about the first amendment, talking about respect (but not showing it to the photographer/reporter)

“I’m sorry, these are people too. Leave these students alone.” (All about respecting the students, but not the people who have permission/right to report).

“I know you gotta back up.”; “Don’t push me.”; “I’m gonna call the police on you, dog.”

  • People are shoving him, denying that they’re touching him
  • Saying he’s not being respectful

“You do not respect our space.”

  • They’re “walking forward” (pushing him)
  • One of them gets inside the crowd and asks if he can get some pictures/interviews, gets denied

“No, you need to get out.”; “Help me get him out. ”

  • They’re yelling at him – “you need to go” & “you can go”
  • They’re being hypocritical in general, and just overall very rude and inconsiderate

“He wants to go out pretty bad, and don’t let him back in.”

  • Treating him like he can’t speak for himself, telling him what to do even though he isn’t really breaking any rules.

“Gonna call the cops on his ass.”; “No comment.” (they won’t speak to any media)

  • Turning around, banding together against the reporters

“You’re not gonna get anything.”

**sign: Media please stay off the grass

“Take a good picture of this.” (girl holding it wouldn’t look at him)

“If you have to go, let someone take your spot.”

  • Woman was mocking him again; literally every person is against him



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