Class Notes

Thursday, January 28, 2016 – Caucus Assignment

To schedule a ride-along: call UNI public safety & schedule an appointment; read instructions on syllabus though before you go so that you can get everything done that you need to have done. 

Due by: March 1 

“The mind of a predator…you have no idea what they could be thinking.”

“Wherever you happen to be, make good use of that.” “Make the most of it.” Don’t grieve over what you couldn’t get, focus on what you CAN. Even if you had a specific assignment, just report what you were able to see. “A reporter never goes home empty handed.”


Caucus Assignment

We will write the story in class on Tuesday and Thursday.

CF W2 P1 –> location

Grading for overall value.

*Tweets: track developments in the location you are in

“You will understand how expensive it is to have reporters on the ground who can news gather for you.”

  • Tweets: 5 (you create in real-time) #witness16 – screenshot tweets in class
  • Headline & subhead
  • Write a lede: most important info, in descending order of importance (inverted pyramid), most important is who won, so start with that, & try to be original if you want to *sift through what’s important & what’s not
  • Other info to add: where you are, how many people caucused, who was the name of the chair, create enough authenticity to give reader a way to see what happened, give time of when milestones are reached (time that decisions are made), what people do (are they haggling for 30 mins, or was there a stubborn supporter, someone maybe stomped out and left, etc.)
  • Not like a reality show, but by the time we are done, Iowa will have spoken and it will be official.
  • Take notes, but don’t take every thing that was said, be a reporter. Pick & choose info, look for emphases, original thoughts, unique ways of saying things
  • Go with cell phone, bring a charger; you can also bring a notebook if that’s easier for you; do NOT rely on memory – you will forget things quickly.
  • Take wide shots with camera of the room – look for short closeups of things you can do. Look for animated people. Take pictures of exciting things. Opportunities will vary, comfort level will vary, just experiment and see how it goes
  • 3 direct quotes = interview people (before, during, after, etc.) get their info like who they are, their name, etc. to give you credibility * don’t make things up


People caucusing can use first person, but the people who are not, will just be reporters (fly on the wall approach)

People will know who you are – introduce yourself to the chair so they know you’re there

Have to have gathered 3 direct quotes  – end on a direct quote you find; LOOK FOR DIFFERENT PEOPLE – if you ask 3 people who look the same you’re not going to get good info. Repetition is useless. Can use a direct quote from the video we took. Repurpose info & quotes.

**YOU REPORT WHAT HAPPENED FOR BOTH PARTIES, then go into your details**

Reporting in real time: people will be tweeting it and whatnot; Read up on what’s going on in your respective situation; Republican party will be reporting the results in realtime for the first time ever because they have an app



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