Class Notes

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Discussing background information from when Dave MacDonald came to talk.

Opportunity to gather news.

Figure of authority was the detective, because of his “halo” (education, experience, age, and where he was positioned in the room – stayed up front).

Anelia wants to disrupt the power model, because “I don’t want you to think there is one source of authority.” She encourages us to show our work so we can see that there are multiple sources of authority.

We had a guy we’d never met, and if we didn’t struggle, we didn’t do the assignment right. “Were the quotes good enough?”

We discussed our struggles while writing the profile.

“As a reporter you’re just trying to cull – get meaningful information.” He set the agenda, and the rest of us were an audience. As reporters, we are unlike any other audience. Reporters have to give more detail and direct quotes. You’re trying to make sense of something.

Struggle is that the speaker can go off on tangents. Eventually you’ll get more comfortable interrupting him. His information was about the same for both classes.

Another challenge was anticipating quotes. Most of his information was fairly generic, and could have been absorbed in a narrative and easily paraphrased.

It is hard to type and listen at the same time.

Being a journalist is about owning your struggles and working through them.

You can never recreate an event, so you need to have something to work with. Were they all gems? No. Most was basic information, but it is always better to have more to choose from.

“Take more than you need.” Find out what is meaningful.

We need to be self-relient. –> Transfer huge files to clients, to whoever. Don’t have to sign up for it or anything. It’s free. They keep it there for 30 days, and then they get rid of it.

Sometimes when we develop content, we develop attachment to what we’ve created. We struggle with getting rid of it. If it doesn’t belong within the words, then it’s okay to not put it, but if there’s something good, you can put it in in the bottom under “Outtakes.”

For this assignment, we were reporters, but then we became editors. For this class, if you’re to write an opinion piece, that’s what the news blog is for. But when it’s assignments like with the detective, you need to take yourself out of the story. The reader is not going to want your opinion in this type of story, but the news blog is for your opinions.

Homework: Learn about the caucus.


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