10 Questions

  1. How many murder and/or homicide cases have you investigated?
  2. Is it more difficult to investigate a murder or homicide case than it is another case?
  3. What is the most interesting type of case to investigate?
  4. How has being a detective influenced other aspects of your life?
  5. What is your first step when investigating a case? Does it depend on what the case is?
  6. What scared you the most about investigations?
  7. It would be easy to assume that the mother of the Nitcher sisters was to blame for their deaths. Was she questioned/investigated, or did she pass away before any answers could be found?
  8. The three other cases of Valerie Lynn Klossowsky, Julie Ann Benning, & Marie Peak were very similar: neck injuries, found naked, victims were outgoing, popular, and friendly. Is it possible that they were killed by the same person/group of people? Or is it just a coincidence?
  9. Are murder and/or homicide cases the highest priority, or are other crimes looked at first?
  10. Do you believe that the cases of the three young women were murders or homicides?

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