Class Notes

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Today in class we watched each person’s welcome video to their respective blogs. We discussed our struggles when filming as well.

Remember: Direct quotes are important

Notes: Don’t do a laundry list; make sure it reflects you and resonates with you

Take at least one or two direct quotes that someone said directly. Keep pace with the person. Very frustrating because you only hear it once. Need to train yourself to listen.

Used to be: being up front. Now: need to be able to listen. *patience*

Goal for the notes is to be more meaningful. (Ex. what we’ve shared in class)

Want to have a record of what we talked about in class. Not expecting to have a transcription or stenography, just the gist of what we talked about in class, along with 2-3 direct quotes.

We talked about the purpose and the meaning of the Class Notes. It’s a way to keep track of us being in class.

Website is your main evidence/file. Anelia will grade for assignments and the blog will be graded for being there and being well made at the end.

How to create the News Blogs: **important

Great opportunity to develop confidence and a knowledge base to become a columnist. “So, in this country people believe that every opinion is worthwhile. So do I. Every opinion is valuable but the value of it belongs to the opinion-holder. Your personal value of it is a commodity.”

“Taking your opinion out of your head and making part of something that will influence others requires knowledge of the topic you’re writing about.” Which is the purpose of the news blog. Read 10 news stories every week. Write a blog post about it.

Somehow it should be connected to current events and your own interests. Read 10 stories of that subject. Do not need to address each story in our post. Take one topic, read 10 pieces about it, then opine about it. Provide links to the 10 stories you read to show respect for work other people did. You write YOUR opinion on the matter. You’re a commentator. Not every opinion is worth publishing, so get educated on your topic.

DUE EVERY TUESDAY – will end up with 14 at the end.

Choices: pursue one topic to create a niche for yourself or if you have various interests you can write about those multiple times

OR: peruse the Internet

Connect with hyperlinks if you want; on top of the written part, you can add a video component. Put it on the same portion. NOT A REQUIREMENT, but could help you gain confidence.





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